VillageEDOCS Subsidiary GoSolutions Introduces Web Communicator to Primerica Life Insurance Company, April 18, 2008

GoSolutions, Inc., a subsidiary of VillageEDOCS, Inc. (OTCBB: VEDO), and a Solution as a Service Company, has just introduced Web Communicator to Primerica Financial Services, North America's largest financial services marketing organization, based in Duluth, Georgia.

Web Communicator is the latest service in a planned, two-phase communications upgrade for Primerica's field sales organization. In July 2007, GoSolutions introduced Listener to the Primerica sales force as a secure, web-based, integrated, voice message inbox providing Primerica an 'instant' network with broad reach to over 100,000 independent representatives. In the 10 months since its initial introduction, over 30,000 reps have signed up to 'plug in' and hear from leaders in the field and at the corporate level as well. Communications can be utilized in a variety of ways, including product testimonials, event announcements, education and field motivation — all of which are designed to help drive sales and agent recruiting.

Web Communicator goes one step further than Listener by allowing two-way communications between sales managers, their teams and the home office utilizing online, web-based messaging technologies to reply, originate and forward messages to individuals or groups.

"We are excited to now offer our agents an affordable, high-quality messaging solution that enables them to manage and grow their businesses with greater convenience and effectiveness than ever before. GoSolutions Web Communicator is the ultimate tool for empowering yourself ... for getting on the fast track to bigger earnings ... that direct link to breaking news, exciting from-the-heart testimonials and personal coaching from the most successful leaders at Primerica. It's a terrific way for our leaders to effectively and efficiently communicate with their teams — without wasting time playing phone tag," said Duane Morrow, Primerica's Executive Vice President of Marketing.

GoSolutions offers a wide variety of next-generation communications solutions well suited to organizations consisting of independent sales representatives separated by geography and time zones.

"GoSolutions has long recognized the challenges faced by independent business people who need to build their business both from within and from without. We've dedicated ourselves to providing cost-effective solutions to facilitate business growth — enhanced messaging services, promotion of opportunity, and team building," said Mason Conner, President and CEO VillageEDOCS, Inc.