Get to Know MyPrimerica


Stay on track to achieve your financial goals.

From the dashboard, you can see a visual snapshot of your products and goals. You'll see what you have, and what you need to meet your goals. You're also only a click away from interactive financial guidance tools, additional financial education and your Primerica Representative.
life policy

Access and make light changes to your life insurance policy.

You'll have access to your life insurance policy and have the ability to print or download your policy at your convenience. You can also update your contact information (address, phone, email) or beneficiaries, make a payment, add a child to your policy or convert a child rider to an adult policy as needed.

View your Primerica investment account balance.

See your Primerica investment balances and how close you are to meeting your retirement goals. U.S. clients will have quick access to Primerica Shareholder Services Account Manager to view account details (separate login required).