Primerica's Strategic Partners

Primerica's Strategic Partners comprise some of the best leaders and organizations in the financial services industry. These men and women believe in what Primerica does for families. They believe in what we stand for and they believe in our business model. We are proud to partner with these top executives as we work to make our business and our opportunity even better!

Andrew Schlossberg
Senior Managing Director & Head of Americas
Invesco Perpetual

Kunal Kapoor

Jennifer Johnson
President & CEO
Franklin Templeton

Jonathan Thomas
President & CEO
American Century Investments®

Terri Fiedler
President & CEO
AIG Financial Distributors

Joel Hempel
Chief Operating Officer
BNY Mellon | Lockwood

Bob Meeder
President & CEO
Meeder Investment

Bob Smith
President & Chief Investment Officer
Sage Advisory


Robbie Cannon
President & CEO
Horizon Investments


Jeff Bell

Joe Veranth
Chief Investment Officer &
Portfolio Manager
Dana Investment Advisors

Myles Lambert
Executive Vice President
Chief Distribution & Marketing Officer
Brighthouse Financial

Kevin McCreadie
AGF Management Limited