Primerica International Headquarters


Primerica is the only company of its size with a home office team that is 100% dedicated to supporting its representatives as they help Main Street families. Led by CEO Glenn Williams and President Peter Schneider, our 2,000 employees are proud to be an integral part of achieving Primerica's goal to help families become financially independent.

  • International Headquarters located in Duluth, GA
  • Canadian Head Office located in Mississauga, ON
  • In NY, Primerica does business through National Benefit Life, Home Office in Long Island City, NY

Featuring Shanthala Rao

Shanthala Rao

Working for a company that understands the role technology plays in everyone's life is important to Shanthala. Through the years, she has led her technology teams in developing major capabilities for Reps on Primerica Online and the launching of the Primerica App in 2014. She is currently managing a team that is developing a cloud-enabled platform to keep clients connected.

"When you can see the fruit of your work - how the technology is helping people grow their business, you realize it's about helping people. And you see that you're making a difference. That's what I value. I can see from the top down that people really care about what they're doing. We are helping families. It's real."

Encouraging women with technology education and to enter into the STEM field is also something Shanthala is passionate about.

"I get excited about bringing technology to everybody and helping people learn that there is so much you can do with technology."

Shanthala has worked in Business Technology since 1999.