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Get on a path to debt freedom.

Primerica DebtWatchers

Primerica DebtWatchers is an innovative product that is different from other products in the marketplace. It's an online tool that gives you the information and the accountability you need to get on a path to debt freedom.

Using information from the client's Equifax® Credit Report, Primerica DebtWatchers software program empowers clients to create a customized plan that shows them how to pay off debts in an efficient way. Primerica DebtWatchers also includes a host of other features, including $1 million in identity theft protection insurance (certain limitations and exclusions apply).

Primerica, representatives of Primerica, Equifax Consumer Services, LLC, and Primerica DebtWatchers will not act as an intermediary between Primerica DebtWatchers customers and their creditors and do not imply, promise or guarantee that credit files or credit scores will or may be improved, repaired, boosted, enhanced, corrected or increased by use of the Primerica DebtWatchers™ product. See for additional Important Disclosures. Primerica DebtWatchers is a trademark of Primerica, Inc.

References to Equifax refer to Equifax Consumer Services, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Equifax, Inc. Identity theft insurance is underwritten by member companies of America International Group, Inc. The description herein is a summary only.