Primerica's representatives come from all walks of life and from many different vocational backgrounds. We are your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers ... we are people you know and trust, and we've earned our excellent reputation for providing affordable financial solutions by helping families just like yours.

We are proud to have over 117,000 licensed representatives serving communities across North America, who love what they are able to do for families through Primerica.

Collis & Britney Temple

Collis & Britney Temple

Collis and Britney Temple, of Baton Rouge, LA, consider themselves to be financial literacy activists. "I have an undergraduate degree in business, a Master's in economics and I was working on my PhD, yet when I saw a presentation about Primerica and the financial concepts we teach families, I knew nothing about any of them," recalls Collis. Britney and I believe that financial literacy equals economic empowerment. And that empowerment puts people in the position to be able to do things for their family's future that they otherwise wouldn't have even known they could do. We love that about Primerica - affecting positive change in our community."

Education is just the beginning. "Primerica's products and services allow clients to put into practice the principles we show them in order to help them become financially independent and to take care of their loved ones should something happen to them," Collis says. "We've seen over and over again how we do what's right for clients and for our communities."