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The Shareholder Account Manager is a fantastic tool that will assist you in managing your mutual fund accounts! Click on the "Your Investment Portfolio" tab. The Shareholder Account Manager is available 24 hrs. a day 7 days a week.

You may use our Web site to perform account maintenance, financial transactions, view fund price and performance information, and much more!

Your Investment Portfolio Provides Access to Personal Account Information:

  • View Your Account Balance
  • View Your Investment Allocation
  • Update Address and Telephone Information
  • Update Investment Objective
  • Modify Bank Draft Information
    • Change Amount
    • Change Draft Date
    • Change Frequency
    • Establish or Change Auto Increase
  • Process Financial Transactions
    • Purchase to Existing or New Fund Positions
    • Exchange to Existing or New Fund Positions within the Same Fund Family
    • Redeem
  • Modify Systematic Withdrawal Plan Information (Voluntary Accounts Only)
    • Change Amount
    • Change Draft Date
    • Change Frequency
  • Review and Order Tax forms
  • View Account Transcript
  • Perform Maintenance on Dividend & Capital Gain Options
  • View Account History
  • Order Checks for Accounts With Established Check Writing
  • View Representative Contact Information

A User ID and Password must be established to access personal account information. Establishing a User ID and Password will allow you to perform account maintenance and financial transactions using our Web site or Interactive Voice Response System.

Transaction processing using the Sharholder Account Manager is available to shareholders who have elected full internet privileges for their accounts. Depending on your account registration, some transactions may require additional documents in order to be processed. Please refer to your prospectus or the Help section of this Web site for additional information.

Fund Information Provides Access to:

  • Current and Historical Fund Prices
  • Historical Dividend & Capital Gain Information
  • Fund Rate of Return

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