Our Insurance Information Practices in Oregon

We collect information from you and from others. The categories of information we collect and may disclose include:

We may disclose all the above categories of information

You have the right to authorize disclosure of your personal information by dating and signing a written authorization form that identifies you, gives a general description of the information to be disclosed, a general description of the parties to whom the information will be disclosed and how the information will be used. The Authorization must state for how long the authorization is valid and how to revoke the authorization prior to the stated end. We will keep any such written authorization in our records that pertain to you.

Sharing Limitation.  The law allows us to share among Primerica affiliates information regarding our transactions and experiences with you, such as your account history, and also your name, address and telephone number. However, by going to Opt Out Request Form or call 1-800-770-0673 you may request that we not share among our affiliates other information, that is personally identifiable information regarding your credit history, income, etc. that might be used in determining your eligibility for products, except to the extent sharing is permitted by law or authorized by you.

Use Limitation.  Federal law gives you the right to limit some, but not all marketing from our affiliates. You may limit our affiliates from marketing their products and services to you based upon personal information about you that we may collect and share with them. This information may include your account history with us. Additionally, when you go to Opt Out Request Form or call 1-800-770-0673 you can request each Primerica affiliate not use your information to market their products or services to you using any of your personal information they receive from any of the Primerica Companies, except as otherwise permitted by law.

Affiliates with which you do business or from which you ask to receive information or offers may continue to contact you.

When you are no longer our customer, we continue to share your information as described in this notice.

To protect your personal information from unauthorized access and use, we use security measures that comply with the law. These measures include computer safeguards and secured files and buildings.

You have the right, with proper identification, to see and copy information you can reasonably describe that we have about you that is reasonably retrievable, except that you have no right to request information that is collected in connection with or in reasonable anticipation of a claim or civil or criminal proceeding involving you.

Within 30 business days of our receipt of your written request, we will inform you by telephone or in writing of the nature and the substance of recorded personal information we have about you. For any information in coded form, an accurate translation in plain language will be provided to you in writing. We will also list the identity (if recorded) of persons to whom we disclosed personal information within two years prior to your request, and if the identity is not recorded, we will tell you the names of persons to whom such information is normally disclosed. We will also give you a summary of the procedures you may use to request correction, amendment or deletion of recorded personal information. You may see and copy, in person, such recorded personal information, or obtain a copy of such recorded personal information by mail, whichever you prefer. Any information provided by an institutional source will include the identity of the source.

Individually identifiable health information supplied to us by a health care provider, including the identity of the health care provider, will be provided at our election, either directly to you or to a health care provider designated by you, which provider is licensed to provide health care with respect to the condition to which the information relates. If we provide the information to your designated health care provider, we will notify you when it is provided to the health care provider.

Except for information provided in response to your request for the specific reasons for an adverse underwriting decision, we may charge a reasonable fee to cover the costs incurred in providing a copy of the recorded personal information to you.

You also have the right to ask us to correct, amend or delete any information about you which you believe to be incorrect. Within 30 business days of our receipt of your written request, we will decide whether to correct, amend or delete the information in dispute and notify you of our decision.

If the information should be corrected, we will update our files, notify you that we made the update and send the correction to anyone, including any insurance support organization that systematically received information from us within the preceding seven years; except that we won’t notify any insurance support organization that no longer maintains information about you or that has already corrected this information about you; and to any person specifically designated by you who may have within the preceding two years received such information.

If we do not agree that the information is incorrect, we will tell you so, along with the reasons. If we do not believe the information is incorrect, you have a right to give us a concise statement of what you believe to be the correct information and a concise statement about why you disagree with us. We will file your statement with the disputed information and make anyone who received or will receive the original information aware of the statement and give them access to it. In any subsequent disclosure of the information by us, we will clearly identify the matter or matters in dispute and provide your statement along with the information being disclosed.

To request access to or correction of the information in your file please write

Privacy Officer
P.O. Box 2318
Duluth, Georgia 30096-0040

Please include your policy number and some personal identification number, such as your driver's license number.

We may disclose your information (except your medical information) to market new products and services to you, unless you indicate to us that you do not want your information disclosed for marketing purposes. You may tell us at any time that you do not want your information disclosed for marketing purposes by going to Opt Out Request Form or call 1-800-770-0673.