Women in Primerica (WIP)

Primerica's African American Leadership Council (AALC)

What is the African American Leadership Council (AALC)?

In 2000, a core group of senior Primerica field leaders were looking for a way to cultivate talent and pave the way for future African American sales force leaders. Today, the AALC boasts more than 250 field leaders from across North America and hosts meetings and trainings that develop, educate and inspire some of the strongest talent in our Company.

What is the mission of the African American Leadership Council (AALC)?

The organization's mission is to mentor up-and-coming field leaders and help them build successful long-lasting businesses.

The AALC encourages all its members to reach their full potential by providing the opportunity to attend in-person events, online resources and various other avenues for growth. The AALC's goal is to motivate, inspire and teach leaders to improve business productivity by sharing knowledge and skillset.

Why is Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) important to Primerica?

Fostering diversity, equality and inclusion is a cornerstone of Primerica's culture. Creating an environment where our employees and sales force can thrive and feel valued is core to who we are. Our sales force, corporate employees and board come from all walks of life, reflecting the communities in which they live in and serve and we could not be prouder.

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