Women in Primerica (WIP)

Primerica's Hispanic American Leadership Council (HALC)

What is the Hispanic American Leadership Council (HALC)?

The HALC was officially formed in 2012 to empower our Hispanic leaders and mentor up and coming leaders. This dynamic group includes nearly 400 members and provides support in reaching the Hispanic marketplace.

What is the mission of the Hispanic American Leadership Council (HALC)?

The HALC’s mission is to help Primerica's Hispanic Representatives foster and expand their market and provide both the financial education – and the solutions – necessary to help families in their communities achieve their financial goals.

Why is Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DEI) important to Primerica?

Fostering diversity, equality and inclusion is a cornerstone of Primerica's culture. Creating an environment where our employees and sales force can thrive and feel valued is core to who we are. Our sales force, corporate employees and board come from all walks of life, reflecting the communities in which they live in and serve and we could not be prouder.

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