Revenue Sharing from Mutual Fund Families

PFS Investments Inc. (“PFSI”) expects to receive a mutual fund support fee, or what has come to be called a revenue sharing payment, from each of the fund families in our Select Group and from Fidelity Investments. Revenue sharing payments are paid out of the investment adviser’s or other fund affiliate’s assets and not from the fund’s assets. The assets of the investment adviser or other fund affiliate, however, may be in part derived from services provided to the fund and paid for out of the fund's assets. It is important to note that neither our representatives, nor their supervisors, receive any additional compensation as a result of these payments.

Expected 2020 Revenue Sharing
Generally, for 2020 we expect the revenue sharing arrangements resulting in the largest payments to PFSI to consist of: (i) a one-time payment of up to .25 percent (25 basis points) of an investor’s purchase amount, and (ii) a quarterly payment of up to .0175 percent (1.75 basis points) for as long as the fund family retains the investor’s assets. On an investment of $10,000 (none of which is invested in the money market fund discussed below), the maximum revenue sharing payment PFSI would receive would be a one-time payment of $25, and $1.75 for each quarter that the fund retains the assets. These revenue sharing arrangements vary and some fund-family affiliates will pay less. Separately, PFSI receives additional revenue sharing on investments in the Legg Mason Western Asset Government Reserves A2 Money Market Fund. The maximum revenue sharing payment PFSI could receive is .044 percent (4.4 basis points) per quarter on average daily assets invested in the fund. Accordingly on an investment of $10,000, PFSI could receive a maximum payment of $4.40 for each quarter that the fund retains the assets. PFSI may receive less depending on market and interest rate dynamics or other factors determined by the investment advisor to the fund. All revenue sharing arrangements are subject to change at any time. For more information, please refer to a fund’s description of its revenue sharing practices, usually included in its prospectus or Statement of Additional Information.

2019 Revenue Sharing
Following are the fund families from which PFSI received revenue sharing payments in 2019, arranged in order of the amount of revenue sharing paid to PFSI in 2019: Legg Mason Funds, Invesco, Franklin Templeton Investments, Amundi Pioneer, American Funds, Fidelity Advisor Funds, and American Century Funds.