Meet Chris Melendy

Chris Melendy, a full-time firefighter, always wanted to make a difference. It's why he became a firefighter and it's why, when he heard about the Primerica business opportunity, he became an entrepreneur. Through Primerica, he helps families who are struggling financially every day.Play Video

Meet Tom Reason

Tom Reason has a busy life as a high school science teacher, basketball coach, husband and father. When it came to his family's finances, he says he didn't know where to start. But a few one-on-one sessions with a Primerica representative changed everything.Play Video

Meet Angie Reed

Angie Reed thought she'd found the right career as a Realtor but she says the work consumed her life. When she heard about the Primerica business opportunity, everything changed.Play Video

A Main Street Movement

Throughout history, people have joined together to form movements that have changed the world. Primerica has created a Main Street movement to help families become financially independent. Discover how you can help families and have unlimited income potential, too. Play Video
The Primerica Foundation awarded a $50,000 grant to the nonprofit The Orange Duffel Bag Initiative (ODBI). The grant funding will support ODBI programs that help Georgia teens who are homeless, at-risk, or aging out of foster care system. Primerica CEO Glenn Williams presented the grant award to Sam Bracken, the co-founder of ODBI, at the opening session of the 2015 Convention at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta.

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