Primerica DebtWatchers

Debt Free? It's Possible with Primerica!

Primerica believes that debt freedom is a critical step toward becoming financially independent. You may think that you can never be debt free ... that debt is something that you just have to live with forever. It doesn't have to be that way. Debt freedom is possible and Primerica can show you how!

Primerica offers a product called Primerica DebtWatchers™ that allows you to plan your way to a brighter financial future. It allows you to use the information in your credit report to put together a simple-to-understand “Fast Pay Plan” for paying off your debts.

Of all the threats to your financial security, none is more dangerous than having too much debt.

Do you have a written plan toward becoming debt free?

No matter what your personal debt situation is, you can't afford NOT to be in the know:

Primerica DebtWatchers can help you with all of this!

A Positive Impact

Aaron and Nina Tonga of Salt Lake City, UT, used Primerica DebtWatchers to help them create a plan to pay off their debts using the Fast Pay Plan and by making on-time payments regularly and dropping their total outstanding debt by a substantial sum.  Their improved financial situation allowed Aaron and Nina to qualify for a much lower interest rate and qualify for a loan to buy their first home!

“Before Primerica DebtWatchers, we would avoid our debt and creditors calls like the plague. We thought that if we ignored it, it would eventually go away. We were wrong. We had about $12,000 in debt and didn't know how to handle it. We thought it was a bad dream that would never end.

“The steps we've learned through Primerica DebtWatchers make it easy for us to handle our debt and makes debt freedom seem achievable! We set a goal to pay off our debt so we could qualify to purchase a home. At the time, it seemed like a far-fetched goal, but we were going to try and see what happened. We accomplished our goal four months ahead of schedule and it was amazing! We were able to purchase our first home and we now only have about $2,000 in student loans and a home loan that we plan to pay off in 15 years. We used Primerica DebtWatchers to improve our lives and have helped our family so much.”

Are you ready to get on the road to debt freedom? Primerica DebtWatchers can assist you to plan the way.

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