When Frances Avrett heard about the Primerica Opportunity, she was struggling to balance providing for her family’s financial needs while caring for a critically ill husband and five children. “My husband had strokes at a young age and I wanted our family and him to have dignity,” Frances recalls. “When you’re sick, it’s bad. When you’re sick and don’t have money, it’s real bad.” Through the success of her Primerica business, Frances was able make her husband’s last years comfortable, and today, she continues to spend her time and money on the causes and people closest to her heart. “Women are so tired of working so hard and having no place to go, struggling to keep their family priorities in order,” she says. “You can do both at Primerica.* You can create a business that will generate recurring income for you, and allow you the freedom to manage your time.”

Primerica: Frances Avrett