With nine children and a family farm to run, Bernadette Lougheed could have decided her life was way
too busy to take a chance on herself as an entrepreneur. But Bernadette wanted more for her family than
to just “get by.” She wanted freedom. She wanted to have it all! “When I came here, I only wanted extra money per month and no shift work,” says Bernadette.  “It was only after I’d been here a few months that my husband, John, and I decided that if what we were hearing about the Opportunity was true, then we needed to do what our coaches were telling us to do.”

She continues, “Women today are expected to be the primary caregiver. We typically run the household.
Yet we’re also expected to contribute equally to the household income. To me, that creates a sense of
urgency when I’m out talking to people. Life often beats all hope out of people – both women and men. It’s my responsibility to find those who want a better life, who want to have a great career AND a great family life, and to give them the chance to have it.”*