When Gurpreet Singh’s father encouraged her to look into the Primerica business opportunity, Gurpreet was earning $30,000 per year as a computer programmer and drowning in $46,000 worth of debt.* “I finally agreed to go to a meeting where I learned about financial concepts I had never heard before,” Gurpreet remembers.  “I went home and did some research and discovered everything they were saying about finances was true.”

Gurpreet began to apply the concepts she was learning to her own life and within five years had paid off all of her debt. The business she’s building with her husband, Harjinder, is allowing her to give her family the great life she always wanted for them.  “Our son goes to the private school of his choice and with our Primerica income, we are also able to help our extended family when they need us, whether it’s financially or simply being there during emergencies,” Gurpreet says.  “This is a proven system.  Look at the successful leaders.  Do what they have done and some day, you can be successful, too.”