For years, Kathy Brennan put in 10-12 hours a day as a manager of a nuclear power plant, sacrificing time with her family in pursuit of a career move that was supposed to benefit her family.  “I was miserable, working my way up to senior management levels,” recalls Kathy.  “I knew I was missing out on my children’s lives.  But then something changed.  I began part-time with Primerica in 1993 and within two years I was earning a great income.”1

Eventually, Kathy’s income from her Primerica business surpassed her salary at her full-time job and she fired her boss.2  “In the beginning, my challenges were all mental,” Kathy explains.  “I was concerned about what people would think after I invested so much time and money in college, grad school and my career.  I wondered if I had done the right thing for my family until I received some wonderful advice: Get over it.  Take control of your life, your time, your dreams and just do it!  So I did!”

Primerica: Kathy Brennan