Mary Walker and her late husband, Randall, were among the first to take advantage of the Primerica business opportunity.  Together, they built a thriving, successful business – helping families and changing their own family’s future at the same time.  “In the beginning we had to have at least a couple of jobs to pay the bills while we built our business on the side,” Mary says.  “But we were ‘all in’ with this business, so we did whatever we had to do to keep going.  Later, it was a real dream come true when we were able to become self-employed full-time!”1

When Randall passed away in 2005, Mary continued growing the legacy they began together.  “When I had jobs, I wasn’t allowed to include my family in any way,” she recalls.  “There were rules for time off and trying to raise a family – dealing with the usual crises of childhood illnesses, etc. is tough when you are a full-time employee.  Primerica is not a job.  Here, we have the flexibility to do whatever we have to do, when we need to do it.”2