Noemy Rubio has always been a hard worker.  When she immigrated with her three children to the U.S. from El Salvador, she didn’t speak any English, but she did have extensive experience in cosmetics sales.  At first, she went to work for a major cosmetic sales company in Los Angeles, CA, but then she found Primerica. “The job I had was not going to give me what I had always wanted: freedom and money,” recalls Noemy.  “When I went to a Primerica event in Las Vegas, NV, and saw the excitement, I decided this was the opportunity I was looking for.”*

Noemy’s life now is totally different than it would have been had she stayed where she was.  “Only in Primerica can I help families, work with my children, reach goals and have freedom, money and satisfaction,” she says.  “I’ve found success in this business with a perseverance that takes me through any challenge.  This is a new way of life and the future will be even greater!”

Primerica: Noemy Rubio