When Peggy Hightower found Primerica, she was a single mother, struggling to support her family on just $32,000 per year.  “My dad said go to college, get a good education and a good job, go in early and be the last one there and you’ll get promoted,” Peggy explains.  “I did everything right.  I had a title so long it could barely fit on my nametag.  Yet at the grocery store, I wasn’t even able to buy basic things.”

She saw, in Primerica, an opportunity to change her story – and she has.*  “What a difference it makes to step out and grab hold of your goals and dreams,” she enthuses.  “As we go through school and meet people who choose not to embrace their goals and dreams, we shrink our own goals and dreams to fit the mold the system put us in.  Primerica is a place where you can reach back to your goals and dreams and there’s always somebody to help you.”