Nikole Galanes joined Primerica when she was 19 years old. Like most her age, she had big dreams – and she saw the business opportunity as the way to live the adventure she was dreaming of.* “I wanted an extraordinary life, full of adventure,” enthuses Nikole. “I also wanted to be a success and Primerica has helped my husband, Leo, and I to have both. We have freedom because we make our own schedule, and because we’ve put in the work, we have the income that can support a great life.”

As Nikole has grown in the business, she says she’s learned a lot about how women often sabotage their own success. “I have found that, as women, we are often very concerned with what people think of us,” says Nikole. “This can hold us back. Women today are also juggling family and career more intensely than any other period in history I can think of. There’s a lot of pressure on us to be perfect in every area. I got some advice from one of the Women in Primerica Board Members who once told me, years ago, something that has stuck with me. Delegate the tasks that don’t grow your business – and don’t feel guilty about it.”

Primerica: Nikole Galanes