Before she found Primerica, Susan Carreon says her family was like many Main Street families.  She and her husband, Art, thought they were doing the right things to build a comfortable life – they worked hard, owned their own home and gave their three young daughters the best they could.  But chasing that “American Dream” meant sacrificing precious time with their loved ones – a choice Susan and Art eventually got tired of making.  “Family is very important to us, and we did what we needed to in order to provide a good life for our three daughters,” says Susan.  “But we wanted something better.  When I came across the Primerica business opportunity, Art and I thought it would be a good way to get it.”*

Today, their girls are all grown up (and part of their family business) and the lifestyle Susan and Art are living now is beyond anything they ever imagined in their early days of the business. “We still don’t live a lavish lifestyle,” Susan explains.  “We follow the principles that Primerica teaches as far as investing and saving for our future, but we do love to travel – it’s one of our passions, in fact.  Our Primerica business has given us the means to see the world and to share those experiences with the people we love.”

Primerica: Susan Carreon