Cheryl Bartlett has always been a hard worker.  Her efforts earned her nominal recognition in her former occupation, but she finally came to realize that no matter how much time and effort she put into her job, she was never going to be compensated fairly for her skills and passion for helping people. “I was tired of seeing people with the same title who goofed around all month make the same amount of money I did,” Cheryl remembers.  “I wanted to be wealthy and I realized it wasn’t going to happen there.”

Cheryl joined Primerica because she saw the business as her chance to earn what she was worth, while never having to put her financial goals in front of her values or her desire to do good.1 Her successes have made her one of the highest earning women in the company.  “We are the only company in North America that can step up and provide what people need: a good, honest, solid financial education about what they can do to gain financial independence – and earn extra money each month part-time,” she smiles.2