In her former occupation as a probation officer, Tonia Poe felt like she had to fight for everything in that
male-dominated field. “It was very militaristic,” recalls Tonia. “I always felt like I had to act like a man in
order to accomplish anything. When I came to Primerica, I expected to have to do the same thing.*
Instead, what I found here, through the Opportunity and through the platform of the Women In Primerica,
you don’t have to be a man – or act like a man – in order to be successful. Here, I am free to be a woman
in business.”

She adds, “Primerica is a level playing field, but a lot of women come into the business believing that it’s
male-driven and they can’t find success here. Primerica isn’t teaching them that – that’s what they’ve
been taught to believe about business all their lives. It’s up to us to show women – and men – that everyone has the same chance at success here.”