Rita Huckle discovered Primerica in the early days of the company.  As a working mom, she was looking for an opportunity that would give her more freedom of time and money while eliminating the barriers for growth she experienced as a female in the workplace. “What made this company different was the crusade to help families buy term and invest the difference, and the leadership of the company,” recalls Rita.*  “I also appreciated that here, there were no barriers to my success.”

Because of her successes in the business, Rita now serves as a mentor to other women (and men) in the business.  Her hard work has also created a great life for her family.  “My family no longer has to worry about money,” says Rita.  “We love to travel and because of our Primerica income, we can make decisions to go wherever we want, whenever we want.  I have had the freedom to put my family first and not my career.  We were able to pay cash for our children’s college educations and now we’re fully funding college funds for our grandchildren.”

Primerica: Rita Huckle